Sunday, July 17, 2011

sUnSet ~ bEhiNd tHe sCeNe

Collage Obsessionin haaste olikin aika kinkkinen...mikä tietty on vaan positiivista. Mitä tapahtuu auringonlaskun toisella puolella? Täytyy myöntää, että en ole tullut sitä koskaan miettineeksi. Enkä oikein keksinyt mitään kovinkaan korkealentoista, aurinko se vaan mennä jolkottelee seuraavaan laskupaikkaan.;)


The Collage Obsession Challenge was quite a challenge...When we look at the sunset, we always see only this side of it. But did you ever think what might be going on on the other side, behind the scene. Is there darkness, or silence, or a funeral, or a party?
Well, I have to admit, that I have never thought about that. Maybe that´s why I didn´t got any declamatory idea, in my vision sun just trips along to the next sun setting location. ;)


  1. I love your collage!! And the light is like a spot-light!! As if it was an actor or something.. his (or her?? maybe the sun is a she?) face is superbe!! Really love this.

  2. This is a really hard challenge, I also love your collage!

  3. Isabelle
    Thank you, for me sun is more he, and moon she. Like sun is yang and moon yin.

    Yes, really hard, I had absolutely no idea what I´m going to do, I just let my intuition do the work, the result was a surprise for me too. ;)

  4. charming and whimsical
    love it as I love ALL your work


  5. Your sun really seems to know how to act on the scene. The idea of her just coolly moving on to the location of the next act is great. Fantastic collage work - thank you for participating!

  6. A cool, fun and interesting piece, with a beautiful moon face x

  7. Your idea is very cool, beautifully put and created. Take a bow.

  8. Rick
    Thank you pal, I love your comments. ;)

    I so love your challenge, it feels so good to stretch imagination. ;)

  9. Rosa Lily
    Thank you, I had add moon, it just didn´t look ready without it. ;)

    I had no idea, usually that is the way to get the best ideas. ;)

  10. Thank you for the good tip, as you noticed I did the same operation.

    Kiitos hyvästä vinkistä, niin kuin huomasit tein saman operaation.

    Antoisaa loppukesää ja loistavia luovuuden puuskia ;)

  11. I just knew you would do something wonderful!!!
    And you did!!!
    I always look forward to seeing your art!

  12. Ari
    Juu huomasin, viisas veto. Mahtavia luovuuden puuskia myös sulle. ;)

    Thank you, and I also look forward to see you surprise with crazy ideas, I wasn´t disappointed this time either. ;)

    Thanks. :))