Friday, March 9, 2018

Go with the "fLow"

"fLow" Digital Collage by Kirsi itKuPiLLi Rouvinen 2018

Last night I was just going to shut down the computer and go to bed. But I just wanted to try one little thing. And then one thing led to the other. I haven't experienced such a flow to create for long time. Well, I do love to create the kits and collage sheets, but I have felt too busy to create something just for fun. But last night I had so much fun by letting the created juices run wild.

When I woke up in the morning I still liked what I had created (that does not happen always). So I just added some finishing touches and the new collage was finished.

I used several kits from itKuPiLLi Imagenarium @Mischief Circus to create this.


I just wanted to add a photo from my Redbubble store, to show how the collage looks as a pile of pillows.

"fLow" floor pillows at itKuPiLLi Redbubble


  1. This jostled picture suggests a serene end of the world, and a magnificent renaissance.
    Nice work of waves as a tzunami in slow motion. Wonderful indeed!

    1. Thank you Sim, how wonderfully you put it. I had nothing that magnificent in my mind, when I created the collage.

      But I have realized that that is actually the only way to create. Still mind without any expectations and just go with the flow.

      I am exactly at that point in my life, letting everything go and experiencing renaissance.

      And I an so thrilled to see you here, I visited your blog for longest time and so enjoyed your amazing art. I want to do this more. :)

  2. Ihanaa "kaaosta" satumaailmassa :)

  3. Voi hitsit että tämä on taas niin fantastinen ja kaunis!