Thursday, October 2, 2014

Collage Obsession ~ Diva

"Diva" Digital Collage by Kirsi Rouvinen 2014

The Collage Obsession Challenges are back! And  our new challenge day is Friday! The challenges will be out at midnight the GTM (Greenwich Mean Time), so it's actually still Thursday afternoon here in California.

I hope we will have a successful new season in Collage Obsession, I hope all the good old collage makers  will continue and that we get lots of new participants. Welcome all the collage colleagues!

The Challenge for this week is ~ Diva.

The main character is extracted from the image provided in the challenge, the other stuff is from
 itKuPiLLi from the following kit:


Kollaasi Opsessio on palannut pitkalta kesalomalta. Uusi haasepaiva on perjantai. Taalla Kaliforniassa on viela itseasiassa torstai-iltapaiva.

Toivon, etta kaikki vanhat konkarit jatkaa ja etta saadaan paljon uusia osallistujia. Tervetuloa kaikki kollaasikollegat!


  1. I love the image of the diva standing tall and away from the crowds!! A true diva. Gorgeous. Thanks for a great challenge.

    1. Thanks! I also enjoyed this challenge, so much fun to just play! :)

  2. This is a gorgeous take on the theme. She stands aloof from everything surrounding her.It is amazing how labels reduce and set people apart. The moment a woman becomes a diva, a muse or whatever, she stops reinventing herself and starts to be invented by those around her and it is sad to not be true to your own self.Wonderful work!

  3. This diva has quite an audience, doesn't she? I can't wait to hear her sing! Beautiful work, Kirsi!!


  4. What a fantastic work you've done again!
    I love this giant diva who fueled so many people with her voice and charisma.
    I'm not proud of mine because I failed the effect I wanted, but I posted it anyway.
    I enjoy participate at the Collage Obsession challenges; and I will try to do it each week!
    Thank you Kirsi! :)

  5. Fantastic as always I adore your artwork...and thank you for providing a great art challenge for us.

  6. I adore your creativity and skills.
    Thanks for providing your art to us, too.
    Kiitos, Kirsi

  7. This lady is certainly far from "Regular"! - Kiitos, Kirsi, että olet polkaissut haasteet taas käyntiin. Yritän pysyä mukana, olen ollut liian laiska viime aikoina.

  8. Thank you everyone for you lovely comments. You make my day! :)