Sunday, April 14, 2013

Renaissance and Baroque Collaboration

by Carita

First, the fabulous image above is Carita's (my newest Creative Team Member) creation.  I can't stop staring it.

And here are some more images of my first (but not last) collaboration with PinkLottyDesign. I created two element kits - Renaissance and Baroque, and wanted to provide the best possible papers to go with them. PinkLotty made the matching papers - Renaissance and Baroque.

 Images below are picks from my CT Gallery at DeviantScrap:
by TwoDressesStudio
by Billa
by Zaza
by Foxeysquirrel

by Waterrabbit


  1. Menneiden aikojen upeutta. Tuonne olisi kiva sukeltaa.

    1. Kiitos Lepis, mä oon viime aikoina sukellellut (onks toi oikea sana?) paljonkin menneiden aikojen upeisiin tunnelmiin. Kiehtovaa puuhaa. :)

  2. This is super nice, i love them are so gifted!