Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Welcome ~ Välkommen ~ Willkommen ~ Tervetuloa + edit.

I've noticed that I have quite a lot foreign readers, I warmly welcome you to read my blog...although you might not understand anything. But don't worry, I have absolutely nothing  important to say.  My photos speak international language. You can comment in English, and also in Swedish and German, although I reply in English. Surely you can comment on any language, but those are the languages I understand. ;)

I'm a Finnish designer, but I live in Los Angeles. Nowadays I make my living as a digital artist. And I'm passionate  amateur photographer. You can find my art on my other blog and if you like, you can also visit  my shops on Etsy and Itkupillishop.

I have now also a Google translator on the right upper corner. The translations are quite funny, but understandable enough, I think. ;)